Ready-to-use men's shirts

Tailored shirts for every style and occasion
At Duiliu's, we also offer a large assortment of shirts in various sizes, ready-made and ready-to-wear.

Each garment is carefully tailored to offer elegance for every occasion. Browse through our collection and choose the garment that best suits your needs.

Our tailoring service ensures that even shirts in sizes can be customised or slightly altered to ensure uniqueness and perfect comfort.
camicie da uomo ready to use - CAMICIE EXTRA SLIM FIT

extra slim fit shirts

They are an even tighter and more contoured variant of slim fit shirts. They are designed to provide a very tight, body-hugging fit, creating a sleeker, more modern silhouette. This style of shirts is ideal for those who want a stylish and fashionable look while emphasising the figure.
camicie da uomo SLIM FIT

slim fit shirts

Designed to fit better to the body, they offer a tighter fit than regular shirts. They are very popular with men because of their sleek and modern appearance.
camicie ready to use REGULAR fit

Regular fit shirts

Known as regular shirts or classic fit shirts, they are the most traditional and broadest type of shirt among the available fit options. This style of shirt is appreciated for its comfort and relaxed fit.
camicie da uomo comfort

Comfort fit shirts

Shirts designed to offer maximum comfort and freedom of movement. These types of shirts are specially designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable fit, suitable for those who seek a feeling of ease while wearing.
camicie da cerimonia

ceremonial shirts

Shirts specially designed to be worn on formal or semi-formal occasions, such as weddings, gala parties, gala dinners, corporate events and other important celebrations. These shirts are characterised by an elegant, refined and sophisticated style that fits perfectly with the dress code required for such events.
camicie da uomo ready to use - mezza manica

half-sleeve shirts

Shirts designed with sleeves that cover only half the arm, generally stopping at or just above the elbow. Ideal for warmer seasons or hot climates, they offer greater breathability and allow for a cooler feel.
camicie pronte all'uso LINO

Linen shirts

Made of linen, a vegetable fibre known for its lightness, breathability and freshness, linen shirts are an excellent choice for summer clothing and warm weather.
camicie da uomo ready to use - camicie in flanella

Flannel shirts

Made of flannel, a soft, thick fabric known for its warm, furry texture. Flannel shirts are particularly popular for their comfort, the softness of the fabric and their ability to provide warmth during the colder months. They are a popular choice for leisure, outdoor activities and for creating casual yet stylish looks.

Our tailoring service is also at your disposal for minor modifications or customisation of our ready-to-wear shirt line.

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